I’ve been where you are. I know what you’re feeling because I’ve felt it too. All of it. I’m just a little further down the road now…



This site was launched in 2017 to help women just like YOU (and me) become the self-loving, empowered thrivers we were always meant to be – regardless of our life stories to this point.

If you are currently going – or have ever gone – through any of these life-altering and seemingly horrid situations then THIS, my love, is the site for you:​

  • Separation, Divorce or Painful Breakup/s

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Feeling unsure of yourself or where you’re headed as a result of any of these situations

  • A tendency to give your POWER away in relationships

  • Not realising your true worth OR the empowered goddess that you truly are

Let’s get to the point: you ARE a goddess – no matter what you’ve previously been led to believe. Your true self may have been buried; it may be hidden under years and layers of conditioning, heartache, abusive relationships… or a combination of all of these things.

I’m here to help you find your true self. I’m here to help you learn how to not only survive what you’ve been through, but to truly THRIVE.


The best part? You already have all of the tools you need inside. Like me previously – like a lot of us – you’ve probably never learned how to access those tools.


Before my divorce woke me up and turned me into the woman I am today – the woman I was always meant to be – I had no idea how to access anything, much less something inside of me!

Who am I ? 


I’m Shona, a divorced single mother, writer and coach from Sydney, Australia. My PASSION lies in helping women realise that although change and challenge are constants in life, we do NOT need to become crushed or defined by them.


We can choose NOT to be brought to our knees by what’s going on around us. We can choose instead to use our power (we all have it!) to create a NEW life and story – one that is authentic to us. The TRUE us.

How did this site come to be?

Well, before I became a divorced single mother, I was very much a typical married mother, living a typical married, comfortable kind of life.

The day my husband left was the day I woke up.


When he blindsided me with the news that he no longer wished to be married, life as I knew it ended. I remember feeling as though the ground had been ripped from under my feet – everything I knew, everything that was comfortable, everything that I had previously taken for granted, was gone.


I had never felt as alone, vulnerable or frightened as I did then.

Fast forward to today – and MANY hours spent grieving and soul-searching – I’ve found a sense of peace with where I'm at.


The interesting thing?


The less I resisted what was happening, the easier the journey was. And although I couldn't recognise it at the time, I now know that what happened, happened for a reason.

I was forced, for the first time in my life, to put my big girl pants on. I was forced to take stock of my life and to look – really look – into my relationships. All of my relationships.

I came to the (devastating at the time) realisation that one of my parents was a narcissist. I gradually came to see how this relationship had set the tone for every other relationship I’d made myself a part of.


I came to see that I’d made a lifetime habit of giving my power away. Of ignoring my needs, and making myself small in order to make other people more comfortable.


Heartbroken as I was, I knew that I didn’t want to continue living this way. I wanted to heal FOR REAL. I wanted to stop being a magnet for toxic personalities; I wanted to take my power back.


Hours of therapy, self-education and healing sessions helped me get up from the ashes. Little by little, I rose. I got up, I healed, and I took my life back. And I haven’t looked back since.

Now, I want to help YOU do the same.


I don’t want to help you just survive – I want you to THRIVE. I want to share everything I know – everything I learned when I was buried deep in the ash – with you.


This project began small, it was born of a deep longing to help other women get through what I had already been through.


A year after my divorce, I started writing. I wrote about what I’d been through, and the strategies I used to get through. I eventually began sharing what I’d written with other women and was com-pletely stoked to find that my offerings were HELPING these women. They were helping thousands of women just like YOU.


And so, Thriving Sistas was born.

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How I can help YOU:


Now, it would be an honour to help you on your healing journey… wherever you’re currently at on that journey.

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So, are you ready? Let’s do this, Sista. Let’s come together now and be who we were always meant to be…

Thriving Sistas xo

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