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My Journey to Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

narcissistic abuse recovery

‘If I change my inner emotional experience about something, then the experience must change in my outer experience’

OK… it’s time for me to get a little vulnerable with you, and to talk about something that I’ve not previously talked about in detail on my blog, in my newsletters or on social media.

So far, I’ve shared with you my journey through separation and divorce, my triumphs and tribulations as a single mother, and my experiences navigating a new relationship post-divorce. And I’ve loved sharing all of this with you. I’m truly at my best and happiest when I’m able to use what I’ve been through to help others – to help YOU.

But there’s something I haven’t, until now, been entirely comfortable opening up about. That thing? Well, like so many of us I am – or WAS – a victim of narcissistic abuse. And no, the narcissist isn’t my ex-husband. The narcissist in my life is actually a family member, who I now have only very minimal contact with.

I had a very close (I now know, co-dependent) relationship with this person for the first forty years of my life. Because I was so enmeshed with this person, and had been from such a young age, I couldn’t consciously articulate – or even see – what was wrong with our relationship. But I could certainly feel it.

Trauma has a clever way of making itself known – of disrupting and disordering literally everything (our sleep, our work, our health, our lives) until it is properly acknowledged and dealt with. And this is exactly what happened with me.

The perhaps sad irony about my divorce is that without it I know I wouldn’t have found the strength to not only break away from my other toxic relationship, but to set about healing old trauma wounds – once and for all. Wounds that had held me back in just about every area of my life up until that point.

I knew that I wanted to heal. I knew that if I didn’t properly heal, I would not only be further risking my own mental, emotional and physical health – I would also risk passing toxic relationship cycles I’d unwittingly learned on to my children, and their children, and so forth. And this was simply not an option for me. Too many generations had already suffered too much.

So, I set about reading everything I could get my hands on regarding Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. And I mean everything. I was glued to my laptop for weeks – google got an extraordinary work out from me in January of 2017.

And it was around this time that I first discovered Melanie Tonia Evans.

Melanie is an internationally recognised narcissistic abuse recovery expert who has aided in the recoveries of over 20,000 people from more than 90 countries (whoa). She is the founder of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) and Quanta Freedom Healing (QFH), which she developed after suffering the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse in two intimate relationships with narcissists – one with a narcissistic husband.

The healing tools she discovered are, she says, the reason she is still alive today.

After several hours spent reading and watching Melanie’s articles and videos (and reading many many testimonials) I signed up for her Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. And it is this program that I want to talk to you about today.

I know that many of my readers have suffered at the hands of a narcissistic partner or ex-partner. And those of us that have suffered know that the actions of the narcissist truly seem to defy the unwritten laws of humanity. The gaslighting, manipulation, control tactics and abuse leave us beyond traumatised, questioning our self-worth and sanity – even driving some of us to the brink of suicide, as was the case with Melanie.

We may do our best to think and talk our way out of the trauma and abuse, but this is mostly to no avail. Why?

Simply put, it is because severe trauma – trauma that is trapped within us – cannot be healed with the mind. If it could, we would all merely give ourselves a good talking to. We would simply talk ourselves OUT of the trauma, and IN to healing. We would tell ourselves that the toxic person was not good for us, and we would simply walk away from him or her. There would be no ill or lasting effects.

With severe trauma, we must feel differently to think and act differently. And the Quanta Freedom Healing techniques in Melanie’s program will help you do just this, by shifting and releasing the trauma that has become trapped inside of you.

Once a shift has been made at the feeling level, you will naturally begin to think differently about the narcissist. And you will be able to walk away from him or her – physically, mentally and emotionally. They will, actually, cease to have any effect on you at all.

The healings are done (in your own home, on your own device and in your own time) by listening to and following the instructions of Melanie’s voice. She uses intentions and language that signal your subconscious to activate the power of your superconscious to heal what your logical mind simply CANNOT access and transform.

I personally find I get the most out of the healings (they can be done more than once, as new issues or traumas present themselves) when I’m in a quiet space, alone, with just my laptop and headphones for company.

Here is what each NARP Package contains:

  • Ten Quanta Freedom Healing Modules (each with instructional introduction videos)

  • Quanta Freedom Healing Workbook

  • Master Your Healing Journey Video Series

  • Master Your Healing Journey Transcripts and Exercises

  • Bonus Meditations and Modules

  • Extra bonuses in the GOLD Package

Click here to see in full detail


  • Discover how to release the addiction to the narcissist, so that you are free to do your life on your terms without this person living on inside you anymore.

  • Eliminate abuse symptoms as caused by a spouse, love partner, a family member or any other person, regardless of how long you have suffered.

  • Learn how to stop experiencing toxic relationships that destroy you, and instead be able to attract and generate conscious, loving, supporting and kind relationships.

  • Be able to live free of the trauma symptoms like PTSD, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and many other states that come with narcissistic abuse.

  • Know how to let go of what happened to you and release your toxic shame, leaving it in the past without needing accountability or remorse from anyone.

  • Feel joy, inspiration and hope for the future and enjoy energy and health to be able to create it.

  • Be filled with a deep abiding self-love and self-confidence that you never knew existed.​

Even if all of this seems a million miles away from where you’re at right now, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program can make this real and true in your life. Just as it has in mine.

So, why did I decide to partner with Melanie now, as an affiliate, to promote this wonderful program?

Because I truly believe that suffering abuse do NOT have to impact you for the rest of your life. Because I truly believe that, dealt with properly, your recovery journey can in fact be a magnificent and beautiful calling to transform yourself into the confident, radiant THRIVING person you know you are capable of being – perhaps more than you’ve ever been (even before you suffered the devastating effects of abuse)!

Click here if you would like to know more about NARP and Quantum Freedom Healing and how it works AND to see testimonials from some of the many thrivers Melanie has helped. (Although I would be happy to harp on and on, there is only so much I can fit in one blog post)!

As an affiliate, I may earn a small income if you decide to purchase NARP through the link. This will be at no extra cost to you.

Lastly, if you would like to ask me any questions about narcissistic abuse, or about how Melanie’s work has helped me, please get in touch with me any time here.

I wish you all the very best in your recovery journey. And lots of love, always.

Shona xox

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