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The Perks of Life After Divorce

The Perks of Life After Divorce

Newly divorced or thinking about it? You've probably read and heard many horror stories of life after divorce - some well-meaning; some downright frightening! But really, it ain't that bad. A LOT of it has to do with your attitude. In fact, I believe there are many upsides to separation and divorce, even though in the midst of it all it can be difficult to see them. Here are just a few great things which come to mind:


A bed to yourself

This is a truly beautiful thing! As many lovely cushions, pillows and throws as your heart desires; no more competing for air space with the snoring and/or farting person next to you; no more being wedged up against the wall as the person next to you claims your share of the bed as well as his!

No more pretending to enjoy the company of your in-laws

Next time there is a celebratory dinner for that obnoxious brother-in-law who could never manage to keep his eyes or his hands off your backside – guess what? You don’t have to go! And as for that mother-in-law who was always that teensy bit judgemental of you – you have no obligation there now either! Woohoo!!!

Some weekends and nights to yourself

If you’re a Mum, you could really learn to love this unexpected little bonus. Yes it will be hard in the beginning to bid adieu to your little ones as they go off to spend the weekend or night with Dad, but the opportunity to have time to yourself to do your own stuff is nothing short of precious. Then the feeling of having them back in your arms on their return … priceless.

Television freedom

No more yawning your way through the live coverage of the weekly sports game or pretending to enjoy yet another re-run of yet another show you find boring and migraine-inducing. You now have the power of the remote!

Freedom to decorate as you like

My ex-husband loved fish and aquariums, and let me say, I was not at all upset to see these lovely marvels - along with all of their associated mess and paraphernalia - gone from my space, for good! I now get to decorate and furnish my home exactly as I want without any need to compromise for anyone else.

Freedom to dress as you like

If you previously felt in some way obligated to dress a particular way, either to look the part as a wife or to please your partner, well, that is another thing gone! Drag out those funky ripped jeans and those old Doc Martens - or whatever it is that takes your fancy - and experiment with being you. Dress how you like and express yourself in whatever ways you want.

A better relationship with your ex

If things were bad or miserable at the end, with heightened emotions and walking on eggshells being the norm, you will hopefully (in time) find yourself dealing with your ex on a whole new, much-improved level as the emotional bonds are severed. You may feel as though a weight has literally been lifted off your shoulders. A massive weight.

Can you think of any more perks of life after divorce? DO SHARE! Tell me in the comments.

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