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SEPARATION & DIVORCE - Everything I wish I'd known as a woman going through it


My no-nonsense, concise eBook for women who want to not only survive, but THRIVE during and after Separation & Divorce


Feeling lost? Consumed with grief? Not sure what to do or where to go next? Thinking that you'll never feel WHOLE or HAPPY again?


I've been there. I know what it feels like. I too have been a grieving, dazed and lost soul trying to navigate a whole new world on my own.


When I found myself - very unexpectedly - a single woman after 17 years of marriage, there were days where I felt, in all honesty, that I would not come out the other side a complete human being.


But come out I did - a lot wiser AND a lot stronger. And I now want to share the strategies I used to get through the heartbreak, upheaval and stress with YOU. My no-nonsense articles have been published on such sites as DivorcedMoms.com, Mamamia.com.au, FutureFemales.co and Ravishly.com.


Annddd after receiving enquiries from many women struggling to find their way during this tricky (horrible) time, I decided to compile my BEST strategies together in this nifty little guide.


Together, we will look at:


  • Where you are now - your safety, the stages of grief AND gaining acceptance of what has happened


  • Self-care strategies - how to deal with the worry, anxiety and stress AND make yourself a priority (isn't it about time?)


  • Taking charge of your finances and dealing with money worries - including how to identify your assets and debts AND create a simple budget


  • Helping your children navigate the changes AND how to deal effectively with your ex (aarrgghh)


  • Opening yourself to new possibilities - rediscovering who YOU are and setting goals


  • Getting the right help - Legal Support (including property settlement and parenting arrangements), therapeutical support AND how to ask for help


All in an easily downloadable PDF format


This is your no-nonsense guide - everything I wish I'd known


If you prefer your eBook in Kindle format CLICK HERE to purchase through Amazon

SEPARATION & DIVORCE: Everything I wish I'd known as a woman going through it

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